Winged Lion


* clean geometry (99.5%-quads, 0.5%-tris, 0%-Ngons);

* completely ready to render as seen in preview with mentalRay settings (lights, camera and HDRI-file magiclight.hdr for Image Based Lighting INCLUDED);

* polygons intelligently distributed for good edge flow, clean topology and further subdivision:

subdivision level 0: 33590 polygons; 37566 vertices;

subdivision level 1: 134178 polygons, 141810 vertices;

subdivision level 2: 536712 polygons, 551474 vertices.

* original size 299.8cm * 219.1cm * 252.2cm;

* centered at 0,0,0 origin and can be sized and imported into any scene.

GREAT for visualization & close up renders.

Originally modeled in Maya. MAX, C4D, DAE, FBX, OBJ, 3DS files are exported so they may need some shading and rendering setup.